Lists – This is 35!

3 thoughts on “Lists – This is 35!”

  1. Nice post! i feel this way at 27! When I was younger, it felt like 25 was going to be the end – anything after that was ‘old’. I wanted my transition to be done at 25, everything in my life to be in order! Well, now i’m older and am actually having a great life (within perspective). I’m super happy with where I’m at, even though I haven’t acheived almost any of my goals, haha

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    1. It’s funny isn’t it! And I suspect at 40 or 50 we’ll be doing the same reflection and thinking about all the ideals we had for ourselves when we were ‘young’. I definitely did notice a shift at 25 but it wasn’t as life affirming for me as 30 was. 30’s are so freeing!

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